Reopening Booking Information: 

From July 1st, we will be open for families with a child or adult with special needs (self-contained households) and adult residential units (groups of adults with special needs who live together permanently). 


We will not be open for groups, Schools, play schemes or respite at this stage.


The outside Playground will be open for 2 sessions per day between 10am – 12 noon and between 1pm – 3pm for up to 3 families or residential units at any one time.

There will be a designated toilet for each family/unit.

All of our buildings will remain closed and will not be in use.


You can only pre-book your session and make your contribution over the phone.

We will be taking booking enquiries from 0900hrs on Weds 24th June

on 01628 628599


If we are unable to answer the phone please leave a message clearly with your family name, number of children and your phone number and we will call you back.

All booking enquiries will be dealt with in strict order, however we cannot guarantee that we will be able to book everyone on the date/time when they want to come. We will do our best and try to be as fair as possible whilst trying to keep everyone as safe as possible. This is a steep learning curve for us all.

At this stage we will only be taking one booking at a time for any family/unit until we can better judge demand and our ability to cope with it. Please bear with us whilst we all find our feet.

You also need to know that.......

We have put in place some physical changes to the Playground to help you with social distancing and hand washing as well as some operational changes too. These will be explained to you when you book.

Hand sanitizer stations have been installed around the site and we have increased our cleaning protocols to keep you and your family safer. We cannot offer a completely risk free environment but we have worked hard to reduce any risk to an absolute minimum.

Unfortunately our finances have inevitably taken a hit over the last few months and we will need to pay for the new safety changes, the on-going cost of sanitizers, additional cleaning and PPE for our team. As we have had no visitors and few opportunities for fundraising over the last few months the cost of the new safety measures we have put in place has been funded from our reserves.

As a consequence we do need to make a small increase to the amount that we ask you for as a contribution – from £8.00 to £10.00 per visit and we hope that you will understand this and also appreciate that we have not asked for an increase in your contributions since 2010. However, if you have difficulty with these contributions please speak with Gary at the Playground.


Advance booking is essential so please do not set out until you have spoken to someone or have a booking confirmation.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid-19 the following equipment is available to use at the moment:

Bikes (not cleaned by TVAP after each individual user)
Wheelchair Swing
Water play
Golf course
Toddlers Swing
Sensory Gardens
Picnic areas

The following equipment is not available at the moment:

Space ship
Toddlers area

We will keep the equipment availability under constant review and as we find our feet with keeping it all as clean as possible, and you as safe as possible, we will bring more equipment back into use.


Booking is essential to ensure we manage the number of visitors coming in any one day. It is important to all that there is a calm and yet fun sociable atmosphere and so limiting numbers benefits everyone.

We do get cancellations so do call if you have not managed to book but would still like to come on a particular day, or on the off chance. We will do our best to accomodate you!


Call us on 01628 628599 to arrange your visit and discuss your needs.


Send an email to to let us know when you would like to visit. 

In Person

Pop in to reception to speak with us 

And coming soon.... 

                        Online Family Booking Requests!

Soon you will be able to check availability and make a booking request for your family using our new Booking Enquiry Form.


You can donate for your booking when you arrive or transfer to us in advance from your bank using online banking!

Our Bank details are below BUT please don't forget to fill in the form below so we know to expect the money and what it is for!